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NHS Digital awards FHIR accreditation to Advanced’s Docman Connect software
Blog //28-10-2021

NHS Digital awards FHIR accreditation to Advanced’s Docman Connect software

by Health and Care, OneAdvanced Public Sector

Advanced is delighted to announce that NHS Digital has awarded Interoperability Toolkit (ITK3) conformance certificates to Docman Connect for the sending of FHIR transfer of care documents.

The certificates grant permission for Advanced to be able to provide a FHIR transfer service through its Docman Connect product. This will enable NHS Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, other NHS bodies and independent providers to transfer e-discharge and mental health discharge documents out to GPs in the future.

The NHS and other organisations operating in the UK health sector are increasingly adopting FHIR® (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) as a standard for its capacity to facilitate the rapid exchange of data in mobile and web applications.

NHS Digital, which serves 53 million patients and 1.3 million NHS staff, is the national technology partner for the NHS and the social care system. The ITK3 accreditation was granted by the Operational & Assurance Services Directorate at NHS Digital, which means that Advanced’s Connect solution will be officially recognised on NHS Digital’s Conformance Catalogue, a list of approved products and suppliers that NHS Trusts and Clinical Commissioning Groups can purchase from.

“We are delighted to achieve this accreditation from NHS Digital, because it will allow even more NHS organisations in both secondary care and primary care to gain access to the many benefits that Docman Connect provides, including reduced administration, automated reporting and increased clinical safety” comments Ric Thompson, Managing Director, Health and Care, Advanced.

“This is a great achievement for the Advanced Health and Care business and is a testament to the strong track record and reputation that Docman Connect has within the healthcare sector.”

ITK is the national framework that supports interoperability amongst different health and social care organisations across the UK. It benefits the NHS and other providers by simplifying the process of software integration through a common set of specifications and standards, which ultimately reduces the costs of system integration.

The achievement of ITK accreditation and a listing on the Conformance Catalogue, will allow Advanced to gain even greater recognition amongst NHS Trusts and CCGs because it provides them with the reassurance in the interoperability of Docman Connect with their own systems.

The next stage of the accreditation process will involve additional internal testing prior to a full roll out. Advanced’s existing health and care customers will continue to be informed of progress on a regular basis, so that they can take advantage of FHIR transfer of documents in the future.

Docman Connect is a cost-effective solution that allows NHS Acute Trusts and independent healthcare providers to electronically transfer documents safely and securely to GP Practices. It is the only service that delivers clinical correspondence into the GP’s workflow system of choice.

"Docman Connect greatly reduces the time that healthcare professionals have to spend in manually processing patient data by digitising the transfer of care process. The time saving and subsequent cost savings, experienced by our customers to date, make for a compelling return-on-investment for NHS Acute Trusts and CCGs. We encourage all providers to get in touch so we can talk through how to support you with the digital transfer of care locally and nationally" says Ric Thompson.

Docman Connect’s benefits include:

Fully Automated Reporting

Once a diagnostic report has been accepted there is no need to re-enter patient information because the report has already been filed directly to the patient’s record, thereby reducing the potential for human error.

Guaranteed Reports Delivery

Docman Connect replaces outdated methods for the transfer of care, including fax, post, and email, to ensure they are received electronically. Docman Connect sends the diagnostic reports seamlessly and securely through the N3 network making them immediately available to the GP. This makes them fully traceable and easily accessible. Practices can also reject any diagnostic reports which have issues or were not intended for them in the first place.

Proactive Monitoring

With Docman Connect, the diagnostic report confirms delivery to the user and provides a feedback loop improving two-way communication between GP Practices and NHS Acute Trusts improving efficiency.

Increased Clinical Safety

By reducing the incidents of human error and speeding up process, this ultimately leads to enhanced clinical safety.

Return on Investment

Typically, organisations that have adopted Docman Connect have experienced tangible cost and time savings. Docman Connect can save providers up to £1 per document. Bespoke ROI calculations are available to any organisation on request.

Reduced Manual Administration

With no change to GP internal systems and no additional training required, GP practices can save over 7 hours/day in the manual process of managing and filing reports to patient records, allowing them to dedicate more time to patient care. This is especially beneficial in the post-pandemic era of rising demands on GPs’ time.


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