Your Cloud Journey At Your Pace


Our Onboarding programme PACE simplifies your move to the Cloud at your own speed.

It removes the need for complex pricing models and convoluted implementation strategies, giving you access to our world-class software boosted with the benefits of Cloud computing.


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Your Onboarding overview


1. Challenge

An intro call with your Customer Success Representative who will explain what they do, and co-ordinate with you to get you ready for the project kick-off meeting.

2. Planning

We create a plan of action with your requirements to formulate your personalised route to the future. Making the complex simple.

3. Journey

Sit back and let us do the hard work. Before going live we set up a UAT, which is like a test drive for your solution. With check-ins along the way from your CS Representative.

4. Destination

Congratulations you’re live!
We introduce you to your Account Manager and what they do. Enjoy the benefits of the Cloud, letting you focus on what matters most. With touchpoints from your CS Representative along your journey to ensure you maximise.

How does Customer Success help you?

Find out more about how the CS program adds value for your business


• Our CS program will help you reach your business goals, using knowledge of your goals and objectives to help drive your solution.

• Squeezing as much out of your investment as possible providing more value for you

Customer Advocacy

• Act as a link between you and Advanced. We want your voice to be heard, so that we can continue improving on our world class solutions





Post Go-live

• We want our solutions to give you more and more value as time progresses.

• You will get touch points from the CS team along your journey with proactive information that will help you on your journey.

Modern businesses face many challenges, such as the need for scalability and flexibility, increased demand for data security and compliance, remote working requirements, inefficient processes, and legacy technology issues. Which is why we are continuing to invest in our Cloud solutions to tackle these problems.

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Benefits of the PACE Programme


Pace yourself

93 per cent of businesses already use some form of Cloud application. New to the Cloud, or well into your journey? Our Start, Flex or Ultra plans help make graduation from on-premise to Cloud service seamless. With standardised plans carefully crafted to help you through your journey, at your own pace. (As well as the option for custom options for companies that seek this).


Welcome to MyWorkplace

Transform the way you work, with an all-in-one workplace that has all your business systems in one unified platform. Making your job easier by helping you deal efficiently with routine admin, ensuring you don’t get bogged down in distractions and letting you get on with more important things.


Onboarding and customer success

We will help you get the most out of your Cloud technology, providing onboarding training to get you up and running as quick as possible. A dedicated Customer Success Representative provides value reminders as well as insights into best practices. To maximise productivity, efficiency and profitability for your business.


Subscription structure

Instead of paying one lump sum, structure payments in manageable monthly instalments that you can cancel at any time. We want to give you additional confidence that our service is the right one for you. Complete transparency with no hidden fees or upgrade costs.


No expensive maintenance

On-premise solutions can be expensive, with upfront costs of hardware as well as the people to maintain and manage it. Cloud technology means that maintenance and management worries are a thing of the past, as updates and fixes can be done without having to be on site. This means you are always up-to-date, so your business can carry on doing what it does best.

Are you using Advanced on-premise solutions already?

Advanced on-premise customer

That's great, we will guide you through the next steps to moving your Advanced solution to the Cloud so you can utilise our same great products and services but made even better with the power of Cloud technology

No im new here

Welcome to Advanced, we want to make your Cloud journey as seemless as possible, which is why weve dedicated a lot of our resources to making an Onboarding experience to guide you on your Cloud journey




Pick your plan

Select one of the three packages crafted to guide you through your journey, depending on the needs of your business.


Designed for businesses who want to get core processes running quickly and are happy to take on responsibility in the build and deployment phase

Giving you the tools to let you build your Cloud future with introductory coordination call

Once you transfer your data, enjoy all the SaaS benefits, such as data redundancy and the ability to use your solution across multiple devices.


Designed for businesses who want all the benefits of Start with support from Advanced during implementation phase

Additional training during deployment phase

Data migration support from Advanced

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment, to test software against real life scenarios, before go live


Designed for organisations that want to deliver new business realities and aspirations

Fully project managed by Advanced

Advanced takes a greater role in building and deployment phases

Additional governance around business needs - work processes, system admin and training

Checklist for readiness prior to go live

Enables you to focus on the adoption and application of the software platform within your organisation

Frequently asked questions

  • This seems pretty daunting, I dont know if im ready?

    We want to make the complex simple. We work with you at a pace that suits you, with Customer Success Managers who guide you along the way in order to ensure you are receiving as much value as possible as you enjoy the benefits of Cloud technology.

  • Is a Customer Success basically Customer service?

    No Customer service is a reactive service that troubleshoots and educates on how to use products and services that a company provides. Customer Success is about maximising value from your solution. By understanding your business goal’s, we can drive you towards your business goals and help you along your journey with us.


  • What do you mean by touch points from Customer Success?

    Our Customer Success teams are proactive in providing value and beneficial information to help your business, we will reach our regularly to help ensure you are utilising your solution to its max potential meaning you achieve your business goals faster

  • Post deployment, what is the involvement of Customer Success?

    Post deployment is where CS really comes alive. We engage at regular touch points delving into details on how to use the software, and help you to utilise the product in line with your business goals. 

  • Does Customer Success stop at any point?

    Customer Success involvement will stay with you for the life cycle of your contract with Advanced.