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As your organisation grows or changes focus, you might identify challenges and pain points that weren’t considered when you first implemented your software solution. Our Business Efficiency Review service gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate your processes on the recommendations of a consultant who specialises in your sector.

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Service overview

Our top consultants can help you extend your business possibilities by delivering a Business Efficiency Review at your location. Each member of our consultancy team specialises in a particular field or industry, and depending on your business we’ll be able to match you with the perfect consultant for your needs. Our Business Efficiency Review service will provide you with an understanding of how you can improve your processes and ensure that you are making best use of our solutions to maximise your efficiency.

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Identify performance improvements

Improve efficiency

Maximise system availability

What you’ll get in this service

One of our experts will come to your location to deliver the service, and provide you with a report upon completion. This report will suggest changes you can make to your processes, and can support you and your organisation by:

  Identifying performance improvements and maximising system availability

  Improving knowledge transfer throughout your organisation

  Examining compatibility with current and future business strategy

  Reviewing your operating versions and providing updates on next releases

  Analysing the learning and training needs of your end users

Why Advanced?

At Advanced, we believe that true partnership means that we’re there to support you and your organisation through periods of growth and change. We work with over 130 consultants covering a range of industries and specialisms – from intimate knowledge of financial management systems to legal professionals, front-end applications specialists, and health and care software consultants. The unrivalled knowledge and expertise of our consultants is what sets us apart – we can work closely with you to analyse the way you run your business and help you cultivate success with your software solution.

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Business Efficiency Review Fact Sheet

We understand that the key to ensuring business success is to conduct regular reviews of your processes to identify any pain points. Our business efficiency review is designed to help you make the most of your solution.

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*Data taken from FY17 across OpenSuite solutions

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