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Digital transformation is at the heart of every company’s value proposition, or will be soon. Understanding and capitalising on the customer journey is essential for maximising value from your technology investments.

We can provide the full portfolio of products and services from collaboration, to CRM, to business process, to data analytics to web and ecommerce to be your partner on your digital transformation.

Wherever you are on the digital transformation journey, we bring you valuable and pragmatic experience in technology expertise, sensitivity to business needs and management skills to assist you in reimagining your organisation.

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Explore our Mobile & Cloud Development Services

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Cloud Services

Cloud technology has been steadily growing, and Advanced are embracing the technology with its latest offerings that utilise Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our CRM solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to best support your organisation's needs.

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Microsoft Sharepoint Software Solutions

Advanced provides support to guide your business towards a world of better decision making and increased productivity through Sharepoint project management.

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Mobile Applications

 Our Mobile Application Development Services deliver the freedom of operating away from a desktop while still maintaining maximum functionality and efficiency. 

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Strategy & Advisory

Ensure you choose the technology that adds value to your business

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Internet of Things

Unlock new possibilities, revenue and insight

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Our Managed Colocation Services manages your infrastructure and gives you access to specialist support who manage your organisation in a cost effective way.

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Vendor Management Services and Solutions

Our experts work with closely with you, keeping focus on your organisation’s aims and improving vendor performance so your suppliers don’t hold you back.

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Managed Azure

We recognise that organisations are at different stages with regards to fully leveraging the power of Azure. We advise, assist, secure and operate - wherever you may be on this journey. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with deep cross-sector knowledge, we enable you to get the very best from Azure.

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IT Outsourcing Services

Explore the world of IT Outsourcing on our comprehensive page. Discover how to outsource IT effectively, understand the benefits of IT outsourcing, and learn about the services offered by leading IT outsourcing companies. Our page also provides insights into outsourced IT services and support, helping you make informed decisions for your business's tech needs. Dive deep into the realm of IT outsourcing with us!

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Managed Azure Services

Explore our Managed Azure Services, offering azure cloud service, optimisation, and migration. Learn what is Azure Virtual Desktop and how it works. Discover the benefits of deploying Azure Virtual Desktop and why Azure is your go-to cloud service provider. Understand the offerings of Microsoft Azure Services including PaaS services. Navigate the world of Azure managed cloud services with us.

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Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Discover the benefits of Hybrid Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with our solutions. Understand what hybrid cloud is, how Azure hybrid cloud can enhance your business, and the difference between hybrid and multi-cloud. Learn about hybrid cloud management and IT infrastructure as a service to leverage the best of both worlds in cloud computing.

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Support Centre

With a 300-strong dedicated support team, you can get in touch with us via phone, email or through our 24x7 online customer portals. We’re here to help.

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Success Stories

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