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Increased pressure from an ageing population, limited and constrained funding and competition with other care providers have led to more and more people wishing to receive care within their own homes.

With options to monitor visits through Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) or through mobile technology, staff at head office receive instant notifications when a visit begins and ends, meaning care workers on the road are able to keep on top of their schedule easily.

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Monitor care delivery

Our solution supports your safe homecare delivery environment. The benefits of visit monitoring are twofold; you can gain peace of mind that your service users are receiving their scheduled care at the correct time, and you can keep track of lone workers while out on the road. If a care worker doesn’t call or touch-in at the location of a booked visit, the system will flag their absence immediately to the appropriate care manager, who can then carry out required checks.

Reduced admin time

We understand the necessary tasks associated with visit monitoring and timesheet reconciliation can be time consuming. However, with our solution in place, the system automatically generates electronic timesheets based on actual recorded visit data, helping your office staff accurately and efficiently process invoices and payroll.



Real-time visit monitoring

Real-time visit monitoring

Promote service user and lone worker safety by tracking completion of scheduled visits in real-time

Person-centred care

Person-centred care

Care workers can view notes and details for each service user before and during the visit, reducing risk

Accurate information sharing

Accurate information sharing

Changes or updates to schedules made at the office are automatically sent to the care worker's device

Key features

We’re focused on understanding the social care sector and delivering leading IT solutions and services to our customers. We work closely with our team of clinical leads, who all have hands-on experience using our software in their particular fields. The development of our solutions is informed by their experiences with service users, legislation and their rich clinical knowledge.

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Mobile visit information sharing

Visit monitoring can be carried out through barcodes using a mobile application or chipped ID cards. These are tapped against a tag inside the service user’s home to similarly record visit timings. This data is automatically uploaded to your main solution, enabling staff in the office to receive accurate real-time visit completion data.

Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM)

Gain full visibility of each visit completed by your care staff with Electronic Call Monitoring. The care worker dials a freephone number using the landline at the service user’s home twice – once upon arrival, and again upon visit completion. Our solution processes the times of these calls and matches them to staff roster details, giving you greater visibility of visit completion and helping you ensure that service users are receiving care as scheduled.

Electronic timesheet generation

Care worker visit details are automatically uploaded to your main Staffplan solution. The system will generate electronic timesheets based on recorded visit data, which helps you smoothly and accurately process invoices and payroll.

"Staffplan Roster has transformed us into a modern and highly efficient organisation. We have been able to move from employing lots of part-time staff to having a smaller but more productive team of full-time employees, which has made a significant difference to our bottom line through a reduction in recruitment and training fees."
John-Joe Cottam, Owner, Gardiner’s Nursing and Homecare
"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, which saves us considerable amounts of time and therefore money."
Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal, College of North West London
"We also wanted to use technology to unlock the potential of our workforce. For example, care workers will operate through the Advanced Hosting platform when logging on remotely to manage their visit schedules, via smart devices such as a tablet or phone. This saves valuable time; care workers won’t have to spend time organising paperwork and instead can concentrate on what is really important, the care of its service users."
Scott Christie, CEO, Carewatch

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