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Our Open Source Solutions expertise is focussed around using Java and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) professional open source software to build cost-effective, secure, flexible and reliable systems that can scale from small workgroups through to internet sites handling millions of requests per hour while interacting with complex “engine room” systems.

Leading Red Hat Partner

As a Red Hat partner and leaders in Red Hat middleware development for over ten years, we provide you with a comprehensive, quality service offering around Open Source technologies. As a blended systems integrator and outsourcing provider our proven approach to service delivery also embraces non-Open Source technology solutions, consultancy and integration where appropriate. A unique offering that ensures your Open Source technology solution is selected and supported effectively where proprietary systems are the best fit for purpose.

Red Hat Fuse

Open source software naturally fits well in the systems integration space, where it can bridge the gaps between competing proprietary systems without favour to any specific vendor. Red Hat Fuse is a well established product, combining Camel (integration toolkit), ActiveMQ (asynchronous messaging) and CFX (web service integration). Created as an implementation of the well respected “enterprise integration patterns”, Camel provides a simple but effective means of integrating systems. Many integration projects can benefit from the 200+ pre-built connectors into existing systems and data stores, reducing implementation time, risk and cost. Where the pre-built EIPs and connectors are not sufficient, Camel has a simple, open programming API, which makes it easy to extend to fit the job at hand.

Application Migration and Modernisation

Open Source Solutions Fact Sheet

The use of the Open Source technologies in the enterprise sector is no longer a question, but a necessity for reducing ownership and operational costs. The movement itself gained its biggest popularity in the 90s with the introduction of Linux Operating system.

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Java EAP

Red Hat JBoss EAP provides a mature, open source, standards compliant JEE application server. With a modular architecture and optimised application startup, gone are the days of developers waiting for minutes at a time for their application server to start up. Completely configurable either by text file or command line interface, deployment and ongoing operation of EAP based applications is easily automated. Taking all these features together, EAP makes a stable and cost effective platform for bespoke application development.

Red Hat OpenShift, CloudForms and Ansible

Modern IT operations involves making the most of the many available hosting options, including private cloud and any of the public cloud services. Successful operations also requires systems monitoring, managed configuration and the ability to respond to disruption such as system failure or increased/decreased load. CloudForms provides monitoring across public and private cloud estates (providing visibility of system performance), Ansible provides automated resource commissioning (enabling an infrastructure response to system issues, such as scaling compute capacity to match demand) and OpenShift provides a productionised Docker container framework with Kubernetes orchestration allowing multiple applications to be efficiently deployed across multiple environments.

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Our recent Cloud Survey has shown that nearly 1 in 2 UK businesses are adopting a Cloud-first strategy to their technology investment and capitalising on the significant benefits offered by Cloud-based ERP solutions in the process.

We work alongside our customers to supply comprehensive and long term support for an ever-changing business environment.

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