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We understand that the unpredictability of urgent and unplanned care brings a unique set of challenges. Our integrated software provides real-time access to patient records, and enables clinical and non-clinical staff to deliver an efficient and safe triage service. We provide tools that streamline your vital services to ensure patients receive the right care, first time.

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Market Challenges


High risk patients

Patients seeking urgent care often have serious or complex conditions, which require fast and accurate diagnosis to get them where they need to be as soon as possible.


Overcrowding in emergency departments

Emergency department overcrowding creates problems for staff and increases waiting times for patients. It’s crucial that non-emergency patients are directed to the most appropriate healthcare service before they arrive at hospital and critical patients are prioritised.


Recording and reviewing episodes of care 

Every patient’s journey to urgent care, which might include a call or trip to an out of hours service before seeing a doctor in hospital or at a GP practice, must be recorded and shared.  


The need for seamless integration

Processes can take longer without solid integration between care services and, worse still, information can get lost and the patient’s journey doesn’t run as smoothly as it should.    

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‘We use Adastra across a number of different services and find it very easy to adapt new services. The staff at Advanced are also accommodating and are always ready to support in the event of last minute requests.’

Emma Raymond, IT Specialist

‘Systems like Odyssey provide us with all the support and information we need to be able to make decisions safely for our patients. Without them, patients would be unnecessarily taken to hospital, which is inconvenient for them and the wider NHS.’

Neil Spencer, Service Improvement Manager

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‘As well as making it easy for call handlers to direct calls, Adastra enables information stored in the database to be easily shared. This saves the patients time and energy as they no longer have to repeat information, such as their symptoms and medications.’

Debi Slack, Manager

  • Vocare
  • EMAS
  • RightCare

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BLOG // 28-03-2023

How staff rotation in the NHS affects data access

by Health and Care, Advanced Public Sector

How staff rotation in the NHS affects data access