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Improve productivity and engage employees with continuous performance management powered by meaningful conversations. Advanced Clear Review is an all-in-one solution that empowers your teams and helps your business achieve excellence.

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Powering performance with engaged employees

Advanced Clear Review is an intuitive performance management system that helps businesses transform their employee experience and create a high-performance company culture.

This all-in-one platform allows organisations to set and track clear, agile goals, encourages regular conversations between management and employees and provides team members with the opportunity to give and receive real-time feedback.

Improve communication, engagement and wellbeing, resulting in a happier, more productive workforce.

“It was love at first sight when we saw the Advanced Clear Review soft­ware and immediately felt comfortable with the user-friendly look and feel of it! It was also very cost effective, which was an important factor for us as well.”

Lisa Bailey, Head of Human Resources, Aston Villa Football Club

Key capabilities

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We understand and solve your key issues 

We build products which are designed to solve our customers key challenges. Effective performance management helps you overcome crucial organisational hurdles. 

  • Ineffective annual appraisals

    HR directors, managers and employees are all fed up with annual appraisals and the lack of value they provide. Annual appraisals are time-consuming and often affected by recency bias, which is why 75% of employees feel that they're an unfair reflection of performance.


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  • Low employee engagement

    A lack of goal setting, feedback and frequent conversation is likely to result in reduced engagement. In fact, employees are 3.2 times less likely to be motivated when they don't receive continuous feedback. 


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  • Lack of people insights

    Tracking the performance and wellbeing of employees is often complicated, and it's even more difficult to extract this data and gain valuable insights in the age of remote working.


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  • Unclear objectives

    Objectives are an integral part of successful performance management, but it can be difficult to set meaningful goals that are aligned with your business strategy


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More than just Performance
Management software

Find out more about the powerful features that sit within Advanced Clear


With automated conversation functionality, meaningful communication within your business becomes agile.

Advanced Clear Review enhances performance through guided conversations. See how the power of regular meaningful conversations can benefit employees, managers and HR within your organisation.


Employees who have regular performance discussions with their manager are almost three times as likely to be engaged. With guided conversations, you can help teams feel more supported and boost productivity.

  • Benefits
    • Regular conversations allow employees to raise any blockers and understand their performance in real time, not just yearly.
    • Employees are in control of their own development as they can set conversations with their manager at the click of a button.
    • Employees can set different conversation types with their manager, e.g. wellbeing or career, ensuring conversations are meaningful.


Inspiring and motivating teams requires more than annual performance reviews. Regular conversations help managers support employees, set relevant goals and become better leaders.

  • Benefits
    • Managers can uncover blockers within their team to maintain employee productivity.
    • Discussion prompts defined by conversation type support managers to ensure they get the most out of conversations with their team.
    • Conversations are documented and managers can leave notes that can be looked back on.

HR and Leadership

Highly engaged employees perform better, report greater job satisfaction and are 22% more productive.

  • Benefits
    • HR has visibility of all conversations so they can ensure they are frequent and meaningful.
    • Frequent conversations improve productivity and engagement.
    • By focusing on employee engagement, employee turnover is likely to decrease.

Agile Goals

Our easy-to-use agile goal functionality supports employee development and boosts business performance.

Set agile goals and collaborative objectives that are aligned with your business strategy. It’s easy to set, track and complete performance and personal development goals individually or as a team, benefiting employees, managers and HR departments.


“98% of staff are setting objectives. They love the simplicity and clarity that the platform provides”. Kristy Rowlett, Head of People Development, Wesleyan

  • Benefits
    • Employees understand in clear terms what is expected of them as each objective has key deliverables attached.
    • Employees can see how their individual goals contribute to the organisation's success.
    • Personal development objectives can also be set alongside performance objectives, helping employees see their future within the organisation.


72% of employees whose managers help them to set goals are fully engaged, and those rates increase by 2.5 times when managers hold staff accountable.

  • Benefits
    • Managers can set either individual or team objectives to boost productivity.
    • Short-term goals help managers ensure their team are focusing on the right priorities.
    • Managers can view the status of all team members' goals in one place, allowing them to easily monitor progress or overdue objectives.

HR and Leadership

For businesses to succeed, they need all employees to contribute to the overall goals of the organisation. The most effective way to achieve this is by employees setting clear goals that are aligned to wider company objectives.

  • Benefits
    • Productivity increases as all employees are working towards organisational goals.
    • HR has a clear view of all goals aligned to specific organisational objectives.
    • As goals are documented, recency bias is eliminated, enabling leaders and managers to make more objective decisions based on facts.

Real-Time Feedback

Advanced Clear Review's real-time feedback functionality helps employees at every level to succeed and thrive.

Continuous feedback is a fundamental building block of effective performance management. Feedback can be given to anybody in the organisation regardless of their role.


Research shows that 69% of employees would work harder if they felt they would be recognised and appreciated for their work.

  • Benefits
    • Employees don’t have to wait until an arbitrary date to get or give feedback. This ensures feedback is relevant and effective, focusing on what an employee can do right now to improve.
    • Employees can request feedback from anybody within the organisation as well as from external contacts, giving them a well-rounded view of their performance.
    • Employees feel motivated as they are recognised for the work they are doing in real-time.


“I started using the feedback function on Advanced Clear Review straight away, and now I use it regularly. I enjoy giving feedback to my team members, and I also get a lot back in return, which is very encouraging!” Paul Romeril, Strategic Account Manager, Amthal Fire & Security

  • Benefits
    • Managers can see all feedback received and given to their team in one place, which helps to inform conversations with employees.
    • Managers can request feedback for members of their team, giving them greater insight into individual performance.
    • As the feedback is in real-time, managers can easily identify areas for improvement and set relevant goals.

HR and Leadership

“The feedback functionality within Advanced Clear Review was initially the element I personally was most excited about, given the potential impact on engagement that this kind of recognition could bring". Gary Beggs, Development Partner, Ted Baker

  • Benefits
    • When employees are working towards something, the anticipation of being acknowledged means they are likely to perform better. Giving fair and accurate feedback improves performance by a massive 39%.
    • Employees who feel recognised at work are more likely to be engaged, reducing employee turnover.
    • As feedback is linked to organisational values, employees are more likely to be aligned to them in their day to day work.

*NEW* Feedback Circles

360 Feedback reimagined.

Give your employees control over their development by allowing them to uncover their strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots. Feedback Circles are employee led, not anonymous, don't require a facilitator and can be ran at any time.


Feedback Circles are employee led, meaning employees can chose who the rounds are sent to and when using templates that are set by your organisation.

  • Benefits
    • Request feedback based on a number of experiences over time rather than just in the moment feedback. 
    • Empower employees to lead their own development by uncovering their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. 
    • Employees know who their feedback is from helping ensure the feedback is feedback is useful. Employees also aren't trying to guess who their feedback is from.


Feedback Circles are particularly helpful in improving manager performance as they can gather feedback from their team as well as other colleagues they work with.

  • Benefits
    • Managers can encourage their team to run Feedback Circle rounds to understand more about their soft skills.
    • Managers can easily identify goals for the team based on the feedback received via Feedback Circles. 
    • The feedback received forms the basis of the coaching conversations on how their team can develop and grow. 

HR and Leadership

Enable 360 feedback to be run at any time with minimal HR admin. Drive a high performance culture by allowing employees to learn and grow based on feedback from a number of colleagues around multiple experiences.

  • Event types
    • Minimal HR admin. Create templates for employees to use and then employees can run their own rounds of Feedback Circles without the need of a facilitator. 
    • Empower employees to drive their own development. Unlike 360 feedback, Feedback Circles shows who the responses are from to ensure feedback is helpful rather than negative, which can often be the case when it is anonymous. 
    • Everything in one place. Ensure goals are set from the feedback received by having goals and feedback in one system.


Meaningful conversations, agile goal-setting and regular feedback all contribute to improved employee engagement. Discover how our performance management system can positively impact your people.

Engagement and well-being are key to keeping productivity high, resignations low and attracting new talent, so these should be a top priority for your organisation.

Monitor employee wellbeing and engagement levels with My Mindspace

"My Mindspace is embedded in continuous performance management, which makes it the ideal tool for ongoing, real-time data about the wellbeing of your employees." — Ian MacRae Work Psychologist, MyMindspace Creator.

  • My Mindspace
    • Employees have a confidential space where they can express how they are feeling. Even if an employee doesn’t feel comfortable taking their issues to their manager, they still have a safe space to let their voice be heard.
    • My Mindspace enables HR to look at how specific departments, and the company as a whole, are feeling about their work in real time. This means HR directors receive regular updates on engagement levels for all types of employees.
    • My Mindspace gives people instant feedback on their responses, rather than waiting on survey results to be sent off and analysed. Employees will benefit from timely tips to help them become motivated at work, so they can see a real difference when it matters most.

Understand your employees with customised surveys

With Advanced Clear Review, it's easier than ever to gain valuable insights from the people that make up your organisation. Gather employee feedback by creating and analysing surveys on engagement, company initiatives or wellbeing.

  • Employee surveys
    • Easily create and send custom surveys to targeted groups of employees.
    • Gather valuable data to assist in strategic decision making.
    • Identify company-wide trends and areas for improvements.

Ensure all employees are heard with our Suggestion box

This feature provides a safe environment for employees to share ideas, concerns or feedback at any time.

  • Suggestion box
    • Gain visibility into your employees' experience by hearing their ideas, suggestions or concerns.
    • Allow your employees to express themselves anonymously. This can be helpful for those times when employees would rather raise a suggestion or concern in confidence, giving them the space to be honest about their thoughts and ideas. 
    • Get real-time insights so changes can be made quickly and issues can be resolved as soon as possible.


Performance, productivity and engagement were difficult to measure objectively - until now. Analytics functionality means you'll receive data-driven insights into key values that can help you make critical business decisions.

Clear and actionable insights are at your fingertips when you transform your performance management processes with Advanced Clear Review.

Insights to improve organisational performance

What gets measured gets managed. Drive improved adoption, quality and performance with indispensable data.

  • Benefits
    • Visualise data within the in-app dashboards to analyse trends over time.
    • Pull Advanced Clear Review user data into other business tools like Tableau and Power BI. Refresh dashboards to see live data at the click of a button for more streamlined reporting.
    • Compare performance across managers by assessing manager/team adoption with our leaderboards.


Advanced Clear Review makes revolutionising your performance management processes simple, with a straightforward and easy-to-use interface.

All of our features are relevant to your needs and can be customised to suit your organisation. Find out how we've made our software accessible, intuitive and easy to navigate.

SSO and Integrations

Increase adoption and reduce the need for IT support by seamlessly integrating key business platforms.

  • Benefits
    • Connect to the identity provider of your choice with Single Sign On (SSO): Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta and OneLogin, Gsuite and Oracle.
    • Never miss a thing through our integration with Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Teams and OneDrive).
    • Through our secure and automated FTPS HRIS data integrations, sync your people records directly to Advanced Clear Review.


Easily and simply add the languages your organisation needs.

  • Benefits
    • English
    • Chinese
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Vietnamese
    • We are also able to quickly add any additional languages on request.


Ensure Advanced Clear Review reflects your culture and organisational identity through several customisation options.

  • Configurability options
    • The option to change 52 terms on the system. For example, change 'objectives' to 'goals', or 'conversations' to 'check-ins'.
    • Change the systems's colours to align with your organisation’s branding.
    • Embed your logo into the system.

Pricing plans

We have plans available for organisations of all sizes. Find out which one is right for you


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Who succeeds with us

Our software has successfully helped over 400 organisations switch from ineffective annual appraisals to continuous performance management - improving the wellbeing of their employees and revitalising their businesses.

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"This is exactly how I would design a performance management system - it takes away everything that I’ve always hated about performance management solutions."

— Richard Taylor - People Director


"We chose Advanced Clear Review for many reasons, primarily its ease of use and the fact that it means performance management becomes embedded into our working lives rather than simply being an annual appraisal."

— Jude Holt – Senior HR Business partner & Talent Lead

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"Advanced’s performance management platform was by far the best-received model that we trialled. In satisfaction surveys run regularly throughout the testing period, it consistently scored 90% and above."

— Bent Plant – HR Director

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Starting your journey


You'll want to start communicating to your senior stakeholders and employees about what's coming. We have a wealth of communication templates to help you - from a teaser campaign through to final launch communications. 

Understanding your challenges


We'll guide you on what's required from an employee data perspective and help you get this formatted correctly for a seamless import. 

Planning your journey


Now it's time to start making the system your own. From updating the branding, colours, terminology and system behaviour, all is in your control. At this stage we'll also start looking at technical integrations such as Single-Sign-On and automation of your data feed.

On the road to go live


We have a wealth of end-user training materials to share with you to help demonstrate the benefits and ease-of-use of the platform. Prior to launch you can make these available to everyone, and wrap your own message around them.

Delivery up and running

Go live!

And you're ready to launch! Your Implementation Specialist remains on hand in the early weeks of going live before arranging a seamless handover to your Customer Success Manager who will help you to continue to get the most of out of the system. 


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Performance ratings have been a lynch pin of performance management for many years. And yet, most of the research suggests they have no positive impact.


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