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How Speech Recognition technology has evolved
Blog //13-09-2022

How Speech Recognition technology has evolved

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

You may recall when the idea of the Johnny Cab in the movie Total Recall – a talking commanding taxi and probably stills surprises you. Or the Knight Rider talking car? The perception back than of being understood by a computer was looking way into the future never mind it answering and commanding your instructions.

Fast-forward today we all have some sort of Speech Recognition technology in our pockets. Many companies have been in this sector since the 50’s from a product being too large, bulky, too expensive, and inconvenient even for specialist use cases.

Speech Recognition technology in the 2020’s

With recent advances in Speech Recognition technology, it has moved away from the conventional text, in essence becoming another data-stream when converted into a digital text. This is where Speech Recognition technology contributes to higher business value for the software and relevant reporting dashboards. Now, speech can be used to replace text-based commands with voice commands, such as when dictating email or initiating a conference call.

The capabilities provides a variety of speech-to-text collaborations that can help staff to be more productive and engage more effectively with the clients. Noteworthy features of today’s Speech Recognition technology on automated transcription and real-time translation have become now.

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