Clinical Patient Management Solution

Our clinical patient management solution, Advanced Adastra, is equipped to help you quickly and safely deal with episodes of patient care, contributing towards a seamless patient journey.

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Delivering integrated care is quickly becoming a key focus for healthcare providers. When a patient enters the health and care system, they may interact with a number of different types of services – from community pharmacies, to ambulance services and GPs.

Our streamlined solution has been designed specifically to help you deliver a seamless patient journey. We work with over 250 urgent care providers, enabling healthcare professionals to gain access to the patient’s complete care record and providing clinicians with the tools to complete clinical patient assessments, prescriptions and onward referrals. The experience we have in this sector means we are perfectly aligned to help you improve the service you provide.

Key Benefits


Supports NHS 111 Core Principles


Provides full access to the Summary Care Record

Patient Management

Comprehensive reporting and analytics tools

Our patient management solution, for demanding urgent care settings

Improved data sharing

Full access to the patient’s SCR through the Medical Interoperability Gateway enables your clinicians to work quicker, smarter and safer – our solution also expedites appointment booking into external systems.

Special patient notes

Accurate, full records of the episode of care means clinical handover is seamless, and each healthcare professional who sees the patient can base their diagnosis and treatment on having the patient’s full medical record at their fingertips.

A solution for NHS 111 providers

Our solution has support for NHS Pathways in both out-of-hours and 111 modes, and features include a repeat-caller service and proven implementation capability, including NHS Pathways accredited training.

Clinical triage and ambulance dispatch

When integrated with our clinical decision support technology, this solution allows you to triage incoming calls, so you can prioritise urgent and emergency care resources for the most serious cases.

Seamless clinical handover

Our solution promotes data flow between clinicians, ensuring that when a patient arrives at a service, their medical record can be viewed instantly. This is especially key for out-of-hours care providers. With our technology, out-of-hours clinicians can record the episode of care and transfer details to the in-hours GP, using a range of automatic and multi-method GP notifications.

Our solution helps you manage episodes of care quickly and safely in your demanding unscheduled telephone advice and face-to-face care settings

A solution for NHS 111 services

Our streamlined system for 111 providers has been designed specifically to support all four of the NHS 111 core principles to help you deliver a seamless patient journey. With a range of unparalleled functionality, our solution has all you need to ensure you are providing quality and efficiency when delivering your NHS 111 service.

Core principles:

  • Completes clinical assessments on the first call

  • Refers calls without being triaged

  • Transfers clinical assessment data to other providers

  • Dispatches ambulances without delay

A solution for out-of-hours care

Our solution supports your out-of-hours service to ensure effective patient management by allowing clinicians to review recent medical histories, reducing risk and avoiding unnecessary admissions or referrals to emergency departments. Clinicians can immediately access current patient medication notes in the SCR and eSCR, reducing the chance of errors and discrepancies, meaning clinicians no longer have to wait for this information to be sent from GP practices.

A solution for community pharmacies

The minor ailments service in community pharmacies, coupled with extended pharmacy opening hours, means that the role of community pharmacists in urgent care is developing quickly. If your pharmacy makes use of a minor ailments service, ensure that your pharmacists are supported when they provide self-care advice and medications to patients. The pharmacy prescribing function within  this technology is built around the rules of current pharmacy prescribing, and is already being used by pharmacists in Northern Ireland. Our solution also allows you to record the episode of care and the outcome for the patient, whether you prescribe medication or refer them onwards to the appropriate healthcare service.


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