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Hybrid Cloud

Secure, highly available, virtualised environments with forecastable and controlled costs.


Build a secure, highly available and scalable environment

We provide a full managed service- from on-premises migrations into private cloud, and where appropriate, we can perform transformations into public cloud, or hybridised builds, resulting in a flexible yet controllable infrastructure.

We understand and solve your key issues

We provide services which are designed to solve our customers' key challenges.

  • Costs

    Although the on-demand and scalable nature of public cloud services can be advantageous, this also makes it difficult to predict costs and keep track of spending. Hybrid Cloud can make it easy to divide IT consumption into capital and operational costs.

  • Security risks

    Security is often a concern with the public cloud as you do not have control of the exact location where your data is stored or processed, which can be an issue with certain industry regulations. With Hybrid Cloud, you can keep the most sensitive data and critical workloads on private infrastructure to ensure security.

  • Control

    With public cloud, the provider can implement configurations or updates whenever they choose. With hybrid cloud, you can choose which parts of your environment are in public cloud and customise the private side to meet your requirements.

Key capabilities

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”As a charity, it was really important for us to partner with someone that understood what we needed and Advanced did just that – they understood our vision. ”

Rob Bing, IT Service Manager
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