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  • Inefficient IT Management

    Inefficient management of your IT infrastructure can lead to issues around performance, risks, and potentially an increase in operational cost.

  • Integrating New Tech

    New technologies bring opportunity to transform business solutions, yet may be highly challenging to integrate with your current ecosystem. You need the support of an expert partner.

  • Distributed Environments

    IT environments have become increasingly more diverse with organisations operating hybrid infrastructure systems and multiple platforms. This makes management much more complicated.

  • Skills Gap

    Many organisations lack the internal expertise or time to properly manage IT and cloud infrastructure while also working on business priorities, leading to a lack of optimisation. On top of this hiring and retaining individuals with the cutting edge skills necessary to transform and evolve is an ever increasing cost burden and these people are in huge demand.


  • Security

    Maintenance of the high standards required for prevention of data loss and compliance requires skilled people and high levels of attention with specialised tooling.

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”As a charity, it was really important for us to partner with someone that understood what we needed and Advanced did just that – they understood our vision. ”

Rob Bing, IT Service Manager
St Andrew's Healthcare

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"Advanced stood out as being a respected supplier who implicitly understood all of our requirements and could deliver best value."

Robin Johns, Head of IS



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The journey of digital transformation differs greatly from business to business, however, it always starts in the same way, with a clear goal and plan to achieve that. This eBook will explain the right approach to ensure people and technology work harmoniously to achieve success.

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Cloud Repatriation - Are your IT workloads in the best place?

by Ioan Elwick, Solution Architect

Cloud Repatriation - Are your IT workloads in the best place?

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