Fundraising and membership management

Our customer relationship management solution, NG, is designed to effectively support your growing not-for-profit

Market Solutions


We understand that charities and memberships find themselves in a market that is changing rapidly and are having to adjust their approach in order to appeal to a shifting demographic who want a different type of communication. This means organisations are having to change the way they work in order to increase their engagement with current and potential supporters and members who are so vital to their future success.

Our solution is designed to give your teams access to one, integrated database which will streamline processes and give you a 360-degree view of your supporters, to ensure you can meet ambitious revenue goals. 

Key Benefits


Simple, unified view of data

NG works over multi sites so all teams have complete visibility of systems and can connect to one, centralised database. 


Improving supporter retention

 NG uses source codes, response channels and other analysis fields right across the system to provide the fullest understanding of what makes your supporters ‘tick’.


Solid, scalable and usable

Our solution is ideal for large charities and memberships with multiple complex business processes. It works across your entire organisation providing staff with an easy, robust CRM system. 

Our CRM system for large not-for-profits

Scalable and flexible for your needs

Built for complex not-for-profit organisations with innovative needs, NG is designed for large charities and membership organisations. It provides easy access to databases with tens of thousands or millions of contacts and ensures busy non-profits can keep up with their fast moving schedules. 

Understand and profile your supporters

In today’s market, understanding members and donors is more important than ever. With consumers’ preferences and expectations about communications changing, not-for-profits are having to leverage new technology to ensure they are engaging with audiences in the most effective way. 

Compliant with regulation

At Advanced, we understand that incoming regulation is a concern within the not-for-profit sector, so we have built our technology to meet your needs now and in the future. Our market experts keep up-to-date with sector compliance to ensure our solutions are the perfect fit for your organisation. NG is integrated with our financial accounting software to help you comply with the accounting SORP, and we are undertaking developments to assist with upcoming GDPR to lift some of the burden from you. Of course, we also remain up-to-date with Gift Aid changes and PCI compliance issues.

Easily integrated with key 3rd party solutions

With over 20 years’ worth of experience working within the third sector, we know there are 3rd solutions that you will want to integrate with in order to make your organisation run in a smoother way. As well as standard integrations to PAF and bank validation products, our NFP OpenLink addition provides a seamless link between NG and Dynamics 365 so your wider teams have access to the database at the core of your organisation any time, any place.

Our technology is designed for complex, forward-thinking not-for-profit organisations looking to build stronger relationships with supporters

Providing you with unrivaled management of your customer database, our fundraising and membership management solution empowers you to continue to grow your organisation.

Our CRM solution is designed specifically with not-for-profit clients in mind, with modular capabilities within the product allowing you to manage complex business processes that are unique to you. This includes a campaign, legacy and events manager as well as specific functionality to assist with lotteries and memberships. We understand that charities and membership organisations have specific ways they need to use the data within systems and NG is built with the flexibility to enable your organisation to reap these benefits.

Our expertise within this space means we know how important your supporters are to you. Having a powerful solution which enables you to get closer to them is crucial for you to continue your success. Having hundreds of thousands of contacts in your database can make analysing and understanding your supporters difficult, however, NG is powered to simplify the complex. With easy search capabilities and a 360-degree of these contacts, we make it easier than ever to profile those people who are valuable to your organisation and ensure you continue to improve revenue growth.

Our solution saves you time on your daily processes in order to cut costs and ensure your organisation is run in an efficient way. Using NG speeds up manual tasks meaning your teams can be more productive and achieve more. Our easy to use system gathers all your data in one centralised database, meaning you don’t have to overspend on multiple solutions for your charity or membership organisation’s needs.