Market Challenges

Your organisation deserves cost-effective, appropriate and powerful technology, but making choices regarding this can be difficult without specialists who fully understand your workplace’s potential. Integration, cyber security and employee mobility are also important considerations, as they combine to create the best user experience.


Rolling out Windows 10 upgrades

Upgrading your entire estate to Windows 10 can seem like a mammoth task that is too big for your IT team to handle. However, not upgrading means you will miss out on the benefits of using the latest operating system.


Protecting data

The value of data is at an all-time high, which means access to it, and storage of it, must be seriously addressed. Decoupling applications and data from the device or legacy EUC delivers a secure and consistent experience.


Digital expectations

End users having secure access anytime, anywhere, across any device is now taken as standard. This means End User Compute, and the role it plays in your organisation, needs to be thought about more broadly than ever before.


Service management and reporting

Reviewing your technology is important in keeping it current, compatible, secure, available and supportive of your workload. Outsourcing can help to manage and maintain this.




Additional insights to help you transform


  • Digital Workplace eBook

    In partnership with Microsoft, we have created this eBook to communicate the necessity of having the right tools, the right infrastructure and the right partner when navigating the digital landscape.

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  • Managed Digital Workplace Services

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  • Managed End User Compute Fact Sheet

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Digital Workplace?

    The future of work demands the necessary support from techology. A digital workplace is agile, secure, flexible, innovative and acccessible to all. With the right software delivery and infrastructure and support services, a digital workplace supports your organisation today and tomorrow.

  • What does Device Management do?

    Today, people expect services to be available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Organisations must respond to this, by looking at what they provide for customers and clients, as well as employees. This can involve ‘Bring Your Own Device’ schemes that allow employees to use their own PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets to complete their work. This necessitates the creation of personal and work profiles on such devices, which requires management for the right balance of security, accessibility and availability.

  • What are the benefits of Device Management Services?

    Device Management Services mean an expert provider ensures the right balance of security, accessibility and availability across devices. They'll specifically support BYOD policies and deliver MDM.

  • What is Managed Voice Services?

    Alignment to Unified Communications and Collaboration is recognised across the industry as an important element to voice/telephony services. Managed Voice Services deliver these through offering both Telephony and Unified Communications Services, providing deployment, management, monitoring and reporting to ensure the service is always available.

  • What are the benefits of Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 provides an anytime, anywhere suite that improves collaboration across your organisation. Our Microsoft-certified specialists handle everything from set to migration and training, ensuring your move to the Cloud is simplified.

    • Varied licensing
    • Secure Cloud storage
    • Improved communication
    • Predictable spend
    • Business continuity
    • Automatic upgrades
    • Centralised collaboration
    • Device agnostic
  • What is a Digital Workplace strategy?

    A Digital Workplace strategy is an holisitic plan towards incorporating technology into your every day operations to better the exeperiences of internal and external end users, increasing communication, collaboration, productivity and agility.

  • What are the current market challenges within Digital Workplace?

    Current challenges faced are rolling out Windows 10 upgrades, protecting data, digital expectations, service management and reporting. All of which can be solved with executing on an effective Digital Workplace strategy.

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