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Mobile Workforce Scheduling for Utilities

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Providing essential services in the most efficient and effective way with our Field Service Management Software

Advanced helps organisations working in the utilities sector to address the key pressures facing the industry; safely manage assets, maximise production and reliability; minimise outages and control operating costs, whilst navigating the challenges of managing a growing infrastructure, workforce turnover and the transition from legacy green screen applications and paper-based systems.

We work with organisations to configure our field service management solutions to meet their needs and fulfil their SLAs. Our solutions help organisations to operate a mobile workforce that optimises plant resources across multiple projects and delivers real-time visibility of progress against each item of work.

How we help our clients in the Utilities Sector


Our Market Solutions

Explore our full range of Field Service Management solutions that can help you grow your organisation.

DRS  | Dynamic Resource Scheduler

A real-time workforce planning solution enabling organisations to schedule field-based people to the right place at the right time.

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JOB MANAGER | Mobile Workforce Management

A mobile workforce management application that spans the full lifecycle of field-based activity from allocation to completion.

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WORK HUB | Work Management Software

A back-office work management solution capable of pulling disparate systems together to create a single view of data and tasks.

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INFOSUITE | Business Intelligence Software

A powerful business intelligence tool that provides real-time reporting and dashboards to give you complete visibility of your operations.

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Addressing the challenges of UK Utilities

The UK utilities sector is undergoing a profound transformation. It’s being shaped by the challenges of climate change, population growth, affordability, changing policy and regulatory targets.

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