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The market leading legal forms and digital submissions provider

70% believe automation of manual tasks would free up important time to focus on value added services

84% believe real-time information allows for faster, more informed decisions

55% believe their IT infrastructure limits their ability to respond quickly to customer issues

The future of law firms

Modern law firms are adapting to an evolving legal sector. By embracing more efficient processes, firms can reduce overheads but maintain high levels of supervision and audit. UK government departments have a mandate to enable all interactions to be Digital by Default. Firms must have a plan to address this move towards paperless, changing the way they work to remain current and competitive. Laserform Hub offers an efficient, secure way for lawyers to submit legal forms digitally, maintaining this as a seamless part of their current processes.

Whether you are a city firm, in-house Counsel, a high street business or a new firm looking to grow, Laserform Hub allows you to standardise the submission of data to government portals whilst introducing business focused capabilities.

The power of an on-site system, with benefits of the Cloud

One fully integrated system

Departments work together under one system, providing a clearer understanding of performance

Full time support included

Hands on support and advice from our team of experts at no extra cost

Access from any device

Gain secure access from anywhere and always have the most up-to-date information 

Flexible and scalable

The system can be tailored over time as and when your needs change

Reduce financial risk

A more successful implementation, without the need for risky software acquisition costs

Instant business intelligence

Instant access to a snapshot of current and future performance

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Cloud Services Success Story > Aspire Furniture

"The benefits of Cloud services are extensive with many of our customers reporting time, efficiency and cost savings - often with surprise about how easy the Cloud is to use. The mobility of the Cloud enables you and your staff to implement mobile working with the potential to streamline your entire organisation." 
-Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced 

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